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Who is Tom Yehuda?


Hey There! 

I Currently live in Bat Yam with Yael, my girlfriend raising a tiny cat named frida. 

Ever since I was a child, I always been fascinate by music and movie soundtracks, so getting a bachelor's degree (BFA) from School of Audio & Visual Arts at the Sapir College was a natural progression of my passion.

My studies combined sound for movies with music composition for moving picture to  create the atmosphere of a fully realized cinematic experience.

I graduated as "Soundtrack Designer and Composer".

Over the past four years I designed, composed, and recorded several soundtracks for short movies, documentaries, and animations in my own home studio.

I am curious about exploring creative ideas by experimenting with new sounds and textures. Implementing my ideas in productions makes me proud of my work.

I look forward for opportunities to turn my vision and ideas into reality!

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